Our History

The Castle Inn is Newport’s oldest pub, the premises having been licensed since 1550. The outer end wall in Mill Street dates from around 1300 when it was the only building outside Carisbrooke Castle and was a ‘den for thieves and vagabonds’.

Fire damaged the pub in 1684 and the front wall was rebuilt using Dutch bricks. It is said that Charles I used to visit the pub, under armed guard, whilst he was held prisoner in Carisbrooke Castle.

The bar, now one room, used to be made up of 5 small rooms with one being licensed to conduct civil weddings. There was a hidden staircase leading into the Castle grounds and another leading to a building in the town centre.

The Castle Inn was the last pub in England to be licensed for cock-fighting. The license being granted by Parliament in 1705. As the Isle of Wight is purported to be the most haunted island in the world it is of no surprise that the Castle Inn has got it’s share of ghosts. There have been regular sightings and strange things occurring.